How to use Sumusu Rose Quartz Beauty Roller

Everything you need to know about our Beauty Rollers

Our Beauty Rollers have been designed with the best materials, including 100% authentic rose quartz, excellent quality rose gold hardware & heavy duty rubber stoppers which makes our rollers noiseless.
Our rollers are double sided, one side with a bigger jade roller which is perfect for the neck, cheeks, jaw & forehead. The other end is a smaller roller which is the perfect size for the eyes, upper lips & nose.

The wonders this tool does to your face

Sumusu Rose Quartz facial roller features two rose quartz crystals which is linked to the heart chakra and commonly referred to as the ‘love stone,’ rose quartz promotes a sense of warmth and compassion as well as unconditional love and peace. It’s also a powerful healing stone that can help to increase self-love, ease tension and ward off negative emotions. In the long-term, all of these factors can contribute to premature ageing and be damaging to the skin. 
We all hate dark eye circles, this tool helps attack this issue by smoothing wrinkles and improves the skin’s elasticity, giving your complexion a luminous glow.
Another benefit that this tool has is it soothes your skin. The crystal emits a vibration which releases tension, calms inflammation and encourages cell restoration.
It also helps with puffiness in the face as the rolling technique doubles as a lymphatic drainage massage, increasing blood circulation and encouraging oxygen to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. This helps release any trapped toxins as well as stimulating collagen production.
The best way to use our roller is to store it in the fridge or leave in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before use.